Monday, 4 February 2013

Work for Mon 4th Feb

Hi Guys

Sorry can't be there.  Here is the work for Mon 4th Feb:

Do research on protocols - needs to include the points below:

definition of the term protocol and the importance of a protocol to the transmission of data;

describe the need for communication between devices and between computers, and explain the need for protocols to establish communication links;
explain the need for both physical and logical protocols

Hope that's ok. Will recap next lesson - promise I'll be there! Sorry again for missing so many of your lessons

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Cover work 30th Jan

Hi Guys

Sorry I'm not there again.  I have added a 'Circuit and Packet Switching presentation' to my Yr12 Computing folder in Google drive.  Please use it for consolidation of the notes you made yourselves.

There is a Task to be done on slide 14 and a link to exam question on the last slide.

Sorry I've missed so many of your lessons.  I shall also be missing Monday lesson as I have a medical appointment.  Please check my Blog on that day for your work.

So sorry, guys - I'll make it up to you when I next see you!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Cover work Tues 29th Jan

Hi Guys

Sorry - am still poorly.  Please continue with yesterday's work on network switching.  You should have finished research and notes on circuit switching.  Now you need to do the same on packet switching.

Email me if you have any problems.  I should be online during the day at intervals   :-)

Monday, 28 January 2013

Cover work Mon 28th Jan

Hi Guys

Sorry I'm not there - I know you'll not have nearly as much fun without me!  I need you to research circuit and packet switching.  It's under the heading of network switching. 

You need to be able to describe both circuit and packet switching and understand the differences between them.  You will all need your own notes on this in some form.

This is 2 lessons work; I'll either consolidate what you've done and carry on with it tomorrow or, if I'm still poorly, please continue and finish it off yourselves.

If I'm not in tomorrow, please check this Blog again for any further instructions.

Hope that's ok

Hope to see you tomorrow, or if not, soon!

Ms W :-)

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Processor Homework Due 10th Dec

Hi Guys

Homework on the functioning of the processor is as follows:

Create an animated presentation (I would suggest using PowerPoint as it has more flexibility for animation than Google's), that explains how the processor functions to someone who knows nothing about computers!  

Deadline is Monday's lesson 10th Dec!

Please email me your work


Ms W  :-)